wed 29 nov

Doors open: 8:00 pm
Starts: 9:00 pm
Ends: 11:00 pm

Over 18s only

Alternative / IndiePop

mlbacard¡ is a London-based newcomer, grittily determined creative with a burgeoning alt-pop canon that brings to mind the soulful tones of Amy Winehouse and productions inspired by Portishead.

Her passion started from the early age of 4 years old when she had asked for a dog and a guitar… she got the guitar but not the dog.

Growing up and developing a love for classic artists like Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones and Muse, this mindset coupled with her burgeoning alternative music tastes swiftly rendered her a fish out of water. Now citing the likes of Biig Piig, Metronomy, Brockhampton, 070 Shake and countless others as mainstays on her playlists, mlbacard¡’s first offerings are tracks infused by their inquisitive sonic spirit and a compulsion to work through her difficulties via music.

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